Thursday, May 19, 2011

CSA: Week 2

This past Monday, I picked up my second half-share of vegetables from the Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA.  This week's batch consisted of:
  • Bok choy
  • Pink radishes
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Spring garlic
  • Curly parsley
I already used the spring garlic (substituting it for normal garlic) and some of the curly parsley to make a variation on the classic spaghetti aglio e olio con peperoncinoToday, I am trying a fresh spring kimchi salad recipe from the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative CSA Recipe GroupI opted to add less fish sauce, use sambal oelek instead of chili powder, and I used Granny Smith apples.  The salad looks pretty good in the mixing bowl, so I am cooking white rice at the moment and soon I'll know if it tastes as good as it looks. 

Update: The salad was delicious!  I ate it with steamed white rice, because otherwise it is quite salty and spicy, but it tasted a lot like kimchi, just fresher and more vibrant.

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