Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ridley Creek State Park

I decided to go for a short hike on the March equinox, and opted for Ridley Creek State Park, near Newtown Square in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

Ridley Creek State Park
Location: Glen Mills, PA
Description: An easy hike through Ridley Creek State Park.
Distance: 5.9 km
Net Elevation Change: 55 m
Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Technical Difficulty: Easy
Physical Difficulty: Easy
Rating (out of 5): 2.5

I think I've been to Ridley Creek before, but after walking through it today, it did not seem familiar.  I did not take any pictures, since the bare trees were not very picturesque, but I can imagine the park being very nice later in the spring, during the summer, and during the leaf change in the fall.  The eponymous creek is lower than the surrounding terrain, including the nearby roads, so you do not hear the sounds of traffic, even though you are never far from cars.  There is some nice (though not drastic) elevation change, and the creek itself is very pleasant.

After my hike/walk, I went to Newtown Square's A Cut Above Deli, which according to many reviews on Yelp has one of the best hoagies in the western 'burbs.  After sampling their Italian hoagie (on a seeded roll), I would have to agree, though I think John's is still better.

Check out a Google Maps track of my walk.

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